It’s great to be back!

Life! It guess it sure beats the alternative! A lot has happened since The Bistro served up its last dessert a couple of years ago. Your “Boy Named Sous-Chef”, Steve Corda, moved out of state and got married. Your “Server”, Shelley Dudly, is unable to rejoin us regularly, at least for now, so in her place we’ve welcomed seasoned radio veteran Michelle Mendoza (host of “Live from Seattle” on 820 AM The Word). And me, our “Maitre d'”? I’ve traded selling air (aka radio advertising) for selling dirt (aka real estate), remodeled two houses, traveled to Europe where I jumped off the Verzasca Dam and crashed a party in Lichtenstein (amongst other things), and welcomed the third edition of my family, Peter, to the world!

During the past two years, Steve, Shelley, Michelle, and Jacque have all had plenty of fun reminiscing about our days on the radio and now that things have settled down some in life, it’s finally time to reopen.

There’s much to be done to get ready, including rebuilding this website with all the old broadcasts and posts so watch this space for continued updates and the return of…


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