Show 079 – SPECTRE Premiere! (and the Cuisine of Mexico City)

For the finale of our regularly scheduled radio program on AM 1590 The Answer we celebrated, rather ironically, the premiere of SPECTRE by speaking with James Bond expert and creator of, David Leigh. We talked a little Bond history and (spoiler alert) some of our first impressions of the new Bond film.

We also discussed the UK’s shortage of curry chefs and recognized our political candidates (of all stripes) as bistroyers of the week (along with 97-year-old Margaret Bekema, who reminds us that you’re never too old to achieve your goals.)

Our menu came from one of the best restaurants in the world, Pujol, in Mexico City.

Our bumper music playlist, as always, is available on our YouTube channel.

The Political Bistro radio show will be taking a hiatus while we plan our next phase so stay tuned and, if you have any input on where you’d like to see the Political Bistro go next, please let us know! (We may continue as solely a podcast or may take it to the next level as a YouTube program filmed at restaurants around the Northwest.)

Thank you to all of you who have listened over the past year and a half! It’s been a real pleasure brining you news, insights, the food and culture of nations around the world, and, always, a healthy dose of laughter. Keep on bistroying!

Show 054 – The Cuisine of Malta

malta-countryTonight we celebrated the cuisine and culture of Malta. A small and fiercely independent island nation located south of Italy in the Mediterranean, it’s been ruled by the Knights Hospitaller, the Spanish, the French and, most recently, until 1964, by the British.

Our menu this evening came from the Medina Restaurant in Mdina. Our first course featured Gorgonzola and Pecorino beignets set on a baby rucola and cucumber salad, drizzled with honey and hazelnut oil and walnut crumbs. That was followed by a light and creamy Bouillabaisse complemented with a melange of surf clams, mussels and scorpion fish flakes. CaptureMain was a choice of either a Mezè platter of Maltese delicacies consisting of pickled vegetables, warm local sausage, smoked fish, marinated octopus, peppered cheese, sundried tomatoes, bigilla and galletti or a rich octopus stew enhanced with apples, walnuts, and sultanas. For dessert we had a platter of carved seasonal fruit laced with star-anise syrup.

In addition to celebrating Malta, we also celebrated the wonderful election returns coming out of the UK! Because this evening was recorded on Thursday evening we didn’t know just how wonderful they’d be until the following morning.

We also talked with Dr. Roger Stark, health care policy analyst from the Washington Policy Center, who gave us the run down on the “doc fix” and the upcoming SCOTUS ruling on King vs. Burwell.

We rounded out the evening with some discussion of Timothy Dalton‘s portrayal of James Bond.

Spice of the week was scallions and living life to the fullest and the playlist featured, of course, the music of a variety of Maltese artists.