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Links to newspaper, radio and TV coverage of Mark and the rest of the Bistro crew or coverage in which they were mentioned.

Police, protesters clash; 18 arrests in Seattle

The day after the Iraq War began, thousands of protesters marched through the streets of Downtown Seattle. I was part of a small but committed group of “counter-protesters” supporting our troops and their mission. the Seattle Times snapped this photo and mentioned me by name in the caption alongside the print edition of this article. It was my first time in the newspaper. (And, no, I was not one of the 18 arrested.) Published March 22, 2003.

Iraq War Protest

I could have used a martini with the Rossi

An article about the 2004 Grays Harbor Lincoln Day Dinner, at which I introduced gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi to the reworded tune of Sinatra’s Love and Marriage. Published in the Daily World (Aberdeen) February 29, 2004.

Republican stirs breeze of change

Column by Danny Westneat of the Seattle Times about my quixotic run for the State House. Published May 21, 2004.

“From the Forum” (UW Evans School of Public Affairs) Panel Debate on I-884

I-884 was a people’s initiative for an Education Trust Fund paid for by a more than 10% raise in the state sales tax. I argued against it. It failed. I’d like to think I had at least a little to do with that. Broadcast on TVW October 19, 2004. (Link is to audio only and is of rather poor quality.)

Beginners take on veteran legislators in District 43

Profile of me and the other candidate running from District 43. Published in the Seattle Times October 21, 2004

Alexander prevails in bitter court race

An article about the 2006 State Supreme Court race. A photo of me was featured alongside the article. Published in the Seattle Times September 21, 2006


Going to a caucus? Be ready for in-your-face politics

An article on the 2008 presidential caucuses in which I was quoted. Published in the Seattle Times February 5, 2008

80s Prom Night Party at The Columbia Tower Club

Not all of life is politics! Published online at SeattlePI.com February 26, 2010.

2010-02-27 80s Prom Night

A local look at the Republican Nomination Process

A segment on KUOW’s “Weekday”. I was one of the contributors. Aired January 23, 2012 (Segment runs 17:25-35:06.)

Roused, but wary

An article on the 2012 GOP Convention. I was “the face” of the delegation in the accompanying photograph. Published in the Economist September 1, 2012.

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