Music to Inspire!

Music is one of the greatest forms of art there is. There’s something visceral and primeval about it. Just an arrangement of sounds, but it can move men to tears. Some of the best, some of the most emotional scores, are those composed for cinema. They may remind us of the film but even on their own, to someone who may never have seen the film for which they were written, they can stir up great emotion. What follows are some of the great musical scores of cinema as well as a few others, all of which might serve as a soundtrack for the more inspired or inspiring moments of your life. So do battle, fight dragons and climb mountains! And while you do, listen to some Williams, Silvestri or Holst!

  1. Forrest Gump Suite by Alan Silvestri (from the film Forrest Gump) – Heroes are ordinary people who answer the call during extraordinary times, usually unaware of their greatness. This score is a fanfare for the common man living an uncommon life. It starts simply; includes movements of sadness, joy and sentimentality, as all life does;  crescendoes epically; and ends as simply as it began, like an old man peacefully reflecting on a full life.
  2. Main Theme by Michael Kamen (from the TV series Band of Brothers)  – A haunting and humbly heroic score, perhaps not tear-worthy on its own but certainly when accompanied by the emotional and humbly heroic subject matter of the series. By the middle of the series it only took but a few notes and seconds of the opening credits for me to be overcome.
  3. Roll Tide by Hans Zimmer (from the film Crimson Tide) – A most serious theme for a film that deals with the most serious of themes. Definitely one to prepare you for battle.
  4. Take Us Out by Jerry Goldsmith (from the film Rudy) – I was late to the game (pardon the pun) as the first time I actually heard this score was at the introduction of vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, so every time I hear it I can’t help but think of her. And despite of what you may think of her politics, she, like the eponymous film character, is a great example of the American Dream of the common man (or woman) rising to greatness and the notion that greatness doesn’t always have to be defined by epic heroism – the aforementioned slaying of dragons or the actual battle – but is, instead, often defined by simply rising from adversity to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Take Us Out, like Forrest Gump Suite, is a fanfare to the common man. After all, what’s so great about a kid from Joliet, Illinois wanting to play for the Fighting Irish and succeeding through endless perseverance? The better question is, what isn’t? The Main Title from the film is also excellent, expressive of the innocence of Rudy.
  5. West Wing Main Title by Snuffy Walden (from the TV series West Wing) – A quaintly patriotic score for a brilliantly patriotic series.

More to come!

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