Show 072 – The Cuisine of Indonesia

Tonight the Political Bistro celebrated the cuisine and culture of the island (actually 17,508 islands!) nation of Indonesia, a word that come from the Greek for island, nisos, and the Latin for beyond the Indus (river).

Your boy named sous chef, Steve Corda, and your server, Shelley Dudley, were unable to join us this evening so your maitre d’, Mark Griswold, pulled triple duty, doing it all!

He discussed (or, more appropriately, monologued) about the secular-left’s constant misinterpretation (and here) of the Bible to forward their own aims, Wednesday’s GOP debate, Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize now being questioned, and Richard Sherman’s response to Black Lives Matter. Unfortunately Mark ran out of time and wasn’t able to cover this response to Richard Sherman’s press conference. (In short: it’s preposterous and reading it, one wonder’s if the author was even watching the same press conference. It’s just further indicative of some people’s refusal to take almost any responsibility for their actions and a mindset of a desire to look mostly at the negative in things.)

The Bistroyer of the Week was Naguib Sawaris, a man actually putting his money where his mouth and heart are to do his part to help the Syrian refugees.

Bumper music, as always, is available on the Political Bistro YouTube channel.

Show 071 – The Cuisine of Peru

The Political Bistro crew hadn’t traveled to South America since our sixth week when we went to Brazil (not counting the Falkland Islands) so it was high time to return and we chose to celebrate Peru! This climatically diverse nation is home to some of the world’s most ancient civilizations and the some of the Europeans’ first settlements in the New World.

Join us as we discuss the teachers’  strike and the state Supreme Court’s decision on Charter Schools. Our guest is Everett School Board candidate Kathleen Estabrook.

Show 070 – The Cuisine of Motown

Due to last Saturday’s windstorm, which cut power to the station, this pre-recorded broadcast is running a week later than anticipated. Enjoy the music and food of the Motor City and join the Bistro Crew as we talk with friend of the show, American expat living in China, Jim Nobles.

Show 068 – The Cuisine of South Korea

This evening we celebrated one of the world’s great success stories, South Korea. One only has to juxtapose North and South Korea to see what the miracle of capitalism (or the lack thereof) can do to a culture.

Guest hosting this evening was friend of the show, Thomas Cloud, who is taking a short break from his studies at Hillsdale College.

Our guest was Secretary of State Kim Wyman, who shared with us the Secretary of State’s new exhibit, Washington Remembers, which profiles Washington state’s contribution to World War II, making Secretary Wyman, the state archives and, of course, the men and women who fought in World War II, the bistroyers of the week.

We also discussed last week’s Republican presidential debate.

The Spice of the Week was making the big time where you are.

Our bumper music featured artists from South Korea.

Show 067 – The Glorious 12th!

Today at the Bistro we celebrated the Glorious 12th, the opening day of grouse hunting season in the U.K.

We were joined by friend of the show, the world’s most published historian, Professor Jeremy Black, who has published a new book on counterfactualism, i.e. what would the world be like had Napoleon won at Waterloo or had the U.S. not bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, etc.

Being that we celebrated hunting, we also discussed Cecil the Lion.

The Spice of the Week was “It’s Complicated”.

The Bistroyer of the Week was DADS, a local organization that combats crime, homelessness and other cultural maladies by helping dads be an integral part of their families.

We ended the evening discussing Soylent.

Our bumper music featured a selection of British songs.

Show 066 – The Cuisine of Belgium

Tonight we celebrated the “made up” (as the Boy Named Sous-Chef likes to call it) nation of Belgium.

Between bites of moules frites, broiled fish, potatoes and, of course, Belgian waffles, we discussed a surprisingly excellent piece of free-market thinking coming off the Seattle City Council (which earned Council member Okamoto this week’s Bistroyer of the Week), next Thursday first presidential debate, and the myth of overpopulation (in response to this article.)

The Spice of the Week (now brought to you by the good folks over at Sales Fix) was backing up your words with credibility (or, at least, gumption).

The musical interludes were quite lovely this evening and can be found here.

Show 065 – Chocolate

Tonight we celebrated everybody’s favorite vegetable, chocolate! (And if it’s not your favorite, what’s wrong with you?!)

During our first course of grilled cocoa-dusted prawns with crispy fried parsley, watermelon, and chili-mango vinigrette we reviewed some of the races in the upcoming primary election and some of the wacky candidates that are running.

Lori Sotelo, chairman of the King County Republican Party joined us as we enjoyed an arugula and mango salad with white chocolate vinaigrette and we continued our discussion of the upcoming election and this coming Saturday’s King County GOP picnic, sure to be a lot of fun (if for no other reason than an appearance by your Bistro crew!)

For our main course we dined on a nice, juicy, wood-fired roast beef filet accompanied by a drizzle of chocolate and port sauce served with a twice baked potato. Between bites we continued working our way through some of the kooky candidates running this year.

For dessert some of us had an incredibly fluffy chocolate souffle with hazelnut creme anglaise while others chose a mudslide double chocolate caramel cookie with poached cherries, Sicilian pistachio coulis, and blowtorched meringue. The end of the evening’s near overload of chocolate was topped with a cup of hot cocoa or mocha and discussion of Seattle’s place on the list of most handsome cities.

The playlist featured songs with a chocolate theme.