Show 084 – The Cuisine of Slovenia

In honor of our new First Lady, we celebrate the cuisine of Slovenia and discuss what’s next in America with an unprecedented and unpredictable President Trump waiting to take office. Our guest is copywriter and marketing expert Jared Kessler.

Show 083: The Cuisine of Wonderland

The Political Bistro is back! (At least for one week.) Friend of the show, Jack Greer was in town, the GOP convention was going on, so we thought, why not? Hoping to be back on a more regular schedule and back on broadcast radio again soon, but until then, enjoy, as Mark, Steve, Shelley, and Jack go “down the rabbit hole” and discuss the GOP convention and other oddities.


Course 1: Cocktails anyone? Unidentified bottles of liquid with a label that says DRINK ME.

Course 2: Tea and your choice of crumpets with orange marmalade or hot buttered toast

Course 3: Roast turkey with onions, magic mushrooms, and sneeze-inducing ground pepper.

Course 4: Choice of….
1. Pineapple custard with treacle
2. Cherry tarts
3. Un-birthday cake
4. Cake with EAT ME spelled out in black currants on top.

As always, playlist available on our YouTube channel.

Show 82 – The Cuisine of Tibet

Apologies for the bad quality connection with China. There’s actually a story behind that. The theme of today’s broadcast was in honor of the anniversary of the Uprising of Tibet. While China is a lot freer than many in the West like to claim and free speech, especially in cities like Beijing, is also freer than one might think, there are certain times of the year, the anniversary of the Uprising of Tibet being one, that the government monitors transmissions more stringently. Besides having to steer clear of the “sensitive” parts of Tibet during my discussion with Jim, the monitoring, apparently, also led to some signal degradation on Skype.

That aside, enjoy! We cover a lot of other things happening in China, as well as a brief recap of what’s happening in another socialist utopia, Venezuela’s “Chavez City”.

Show 081 – The Cuisine of the Dominican Republic

Tonight your Maitre d’ Mark Griswold and your sommelier Jacques Greer celebrated the cuisine and culture of the Dominican Republic and spent most of the evening debating Trump and whether he would be the better choice over Hillary should it come to that.

Show 080 – The Political Bistro Returns! (And the Cuisine of Japan)

After a three month hiatus, the Bistro has finally returned! Your Boy Named Sous-Chef, Steve Corda; and your server, Shelley Dudley, are still away but your Maitre d’ felt it was long enough to be away from the microphone. So here I am! I’m joined by long time friend of the show, Jack Greer who will be filling in on future weeks until Steve and Shelley can return.

Tonight we dined on 3-star Micheline cuisine from Japan and discussed the race for the White House and socialism. Enjoy!

Show 079 – SPECTRE Premiere! (and the Cuisine of Mexico City)

For the finale of our regularly scheduled radio program on AM 1590 The Answer we celebrated, rather ironically, the premiere of SPECTRE by speaking with James Bond expert and creator of, David Leigh. We talked a little Bond history and (spoiler alert) some of our first impressions of the new Bond film.

We also discussed the UK’s shortage of curry chefs and recognized our political candidates (of all stripes) as bistroyers of the week (along with 97-year-old Margaret Bekema, who reminds us that you’re never too old to achieve your goals.)

Our menu came from one of the best restaurants in the world, Pujol, in Mexico City.

Our bumper music playlist, as always, is available on our YouTube channel.

The Political Bistro radio show will be taking a hiatus while we plan our next phase so stay tuned and, if you have any input on where you’d like to see the Political Bistro go next, please let us know! (We may continue as solely a podcast or may take it to the next level as a YouTube program filmed at restaurants around the Northwest.)

Thank you to all of you who have listened over the past year and a half! It’s been a real pleasure brining you news, insights, the food and culture of nations around the world, and, always, a healthy dose of laughter. Keep on bistroying!