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October 2010Raised largely by my grandparents, we regularly discussed politics, philosophy, religion, and history around the dinner table. My late grandfather, Jack, always had the World Book Encyclopedia close at hand to answer any obscure queries (For you Millennials, this was in the days before Google); something that now makes me a great Trivial Pursuit partner.

In addition to the political influences I’ve gained from my grandparents, who could probably best be described as “Limousine Liberals”, I was also exposed to a healthy dose of Rush Limbaugh by my father, who comes from the same mold as Michael Savage. From my mother, whose radical views would make Noam Chomsky blush (actual quote: “The Big-O [Obama] is too conservative for me.”), I was exposed to The Nation and other far-left sources. The rest came from teachers at The Bush School and Seattle University and, above all else, the Grace of God.

While politics and healthy debate were instilled in me from a young age, my real passion and involvement for it came in late 2003 when I was selected for an internship with the Washington State Legislature and then urged to run against Speaker of the House Frank Chopp in what some have called “the most liberal legislative district in the nation.” (Spoiler alert: I lost.)

Since that quixotic run, I have continued my involvement in Seattle area politics; managing a handful of campaigns, serving in Republican Party leadership, and attending two Republican National Conventions.

In addition to my political involvement, I have also worked in public relations and sales, as a DJ and radio show host, and as an actor and voice-over artist. I have also been active in Rotary and served as my club’s president in 2009/10.

I enjoy traveling and have been all over the U.S., the Caribbean, Central America, North Africa, Europe, and India. I also enjoy the outdoors; camping, hiking, rock climbing, sailing, skiing and SCUBA diving. One day, I hope to get back on the golf course and tennis court.

When I’m not pursuing the above activities you can find me with my sons, Andrew and James, and my wife, Rosie. (Actually, more correctly, when I’m not with my sons and wife, which is most of the time, you can find me pursuing the above activities.)

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